WhatsApp Web for PC and Mac web browser – easy and necessary steps to use it.

WhatsApp Messenger is the messenger which is used by every smartphone user, it is available for many smartphone OS . Now you can use this messenger’s web client right from your computer’s web browser, WhatsApp Inc. has officially launched WhatsApp web client for PC and Mac web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

WhatsApp for PC

You need the latest version of web browser on your PC with latest version of WhatsApp Messenger on your mobile phone to use WhatsApp Web client. This Web WhatsApp client didn’t need any mobile number to login to your account, it only need you to scan a QR code to login it and after successful login all your conversations and contacts will automatically synchronized in this web client.

I’m sharing few necessary and easy steps by following them you will able to use WhatsApp Web client on your computer’s web browser.

WhatsApp Web client for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

  • Firstly you have to download latest version of Firefox browser or Google Chrome browser on your PC.
  • Open this link web.whatsapp.com in your latest Mozilla Firefox browser or Google Chrome browser.
  • Scan QR code which is shown on your computer screen (to be scanned with your mobile phone’s camera using WhatsApp app which is installed on your smartphone).


  • Open WhatsApp messenger in your mobile phone.
  • In Menu you will find WhatsApp Web tap on it, after tap your mobile phone’s camera will open.
  • Scan the QR code which is on computer screen with your mobile  phone’s camera.
  • Now enjoy your favourite messenger app for smartphone on your PC officially using web browser without any privacy issues.


  1. You need active internet connection on both your device (Mobile phone and PC/laptop).

  2. Web WhatsApp option is not available for iPhone users.

That’s all in this guide for WhatsApp Web client for PC and Mac users. I hope everyone who reads this guide is enjoying the WhatsApp Web client on their web browsers.



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